If you have tried and failed to quit smoking using traditional NRTs, then perhaps it’s time you tried vaping?


If you have tried and failed to quit smoking with traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) such as patches, gums, or therapy, then perhaps vaping is what you’re looking for! One of the best things about vaping when you’re trying to quit smoking is that it satisfies the habit of hand-to-mouth smoking while also helping to reduce cravings for nicotine.


In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at why you should quit smoking, how vaping can help you quit, the benefits of vaping, and how to switch quickly and easily to vaping.

Why You Should Quit Smoking

It’s already well established around the world how bad smoking is for you and how smoking cigarettes can cause cancer. The sooner that you quit smoking, the sooner your body will be able to begin repairing the damage that cigarettes cause.


Some damage from smoking will begin to repair itself as quickly as a few hours or days after you finally quit. Other damage may take longer to repair, but you can help fix your body and restore your overall health and wellness over time.

Why You Should Vape Instead of Smoke

We already talked about how bad smoking is and how it causes cancer, but did you know it also comes with a very negative social stigma? So cigarettes could be causing you much more than negative physical health issues.


It’s no surprise that the smell of cigarette smoke turns many people off. If you’re trying to find a partner, cigarette smoke could be stopping you from discovering true love! With vaping, there are no bad smells or dirty, stained fingers and teeth. Almost 60% of people surveyed have stated that they would never date a smoker.

The Benefits of Vaping

  1. Vaping is better for your health, with Public Health UK stating they believe it to be 95% better for youthan smoking.
  2. Vaping is going to save you a lot of money compared to the expensive cost of smoking.
  3. Vaping is an effective way to quit smoking.
  4. Second-hand vapor isn’t as dangerous as second-hand smoke from cigarettes.
  5. The smell of vapor won’t linger on your body, clothes, car, or home.
  6. You have a bunch of choices when it comes to the flavor of ejuice compared to cigarettes.

Are E-Cigarettes Completely Safe?

While e-cigarettes aren’t completely safe, many studies claim that they are much safer than smoking cigarettes which are proven to give you cancer and other serious health issues.

There are many myths about vaping and using e-cigarettes that are completely untrue. For example, while there have been some deaths from e-cigarettes, these deaths were linked to black market cannabis oil products, not ejuice. At the same time, every year, smoking kills over 500,000 people in the United States alone and over 7,000,000 people worldwide.


While vaping or e-cigarettes may not be 100% safe, currently, they appear much safer than cigarettes. However, more long-term studies and trials are required before we can make any definitive medical claims about vaping.

How to Switch to Vaping

Choose the Right Nicotine Strength Ejuice

The first thing that most vapers recommend when attempting to quit smoking is to start with a high nicotine level that’s high. You want to start with a higher nicotine level so that you can transition down.


When you first try to quit, try leaving your cigarettes at home or away from you and replacing them with your vaporizer instead. Every time you vape instead of smoke, you’re one step closer to quitting smoking for good!


Once you stop smoking and you’re only vaping, it’s time to reduce the nicotine. Slowly reduce the amount of nicotine you vape. As a bonus, the lower the nicotine levels in your ejuice, the more flavors you’ll have access to.

Choose the Right Device

The cost of a good vaporizer will quickly be covered by reducing or eliminating cigarettes from your life. So, when it comes time to choose a vaporizer, don’t go for the cheapest model on the market. Instead, think of your vaporizer as an investment in quitting smoking.


There are various options, including pod systems, pen vapes, disposable vapes, sub-ohm vaporizers, and large cloud chasing options. A good sub-ohm kit is a great place to start when you first try vaping and should include everything you need to get started, including coils.

Sticking With It

How To Quit Smoking With Vaping Successfully

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to quitting smoking, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, anecdotal evidence from millions of vapers worldwide suggests that vaping is an effective way to quit smoking. In the United Kingdom, their Public Health system actively supports the use of vaping as a better alternative to smoking.


If you find yourself falling back into the habit of smoking, never quit trying to quit. It may take several attempts, but eventually, everyone can quit smoking for good.

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