It’s a terrifying time we’re living in. All over the world shops are closing down, individuals are staying home, as well as thousands of thousands of people are sick. While the coronavirus and also vaping share no actual relation (vapers are no more most likely to obtain the coronavirus than any person else), there are a couple of safety measures that you can take to lower your danger of contracting the infection.


Please share this checklist of tips for vaping safely during the coronavirus with your loved ones who vape. A few of these tips connect back to the social distancing standards that many countries are applying, while several of them are just great to comply with whether there’s a virus break out or not.

Don’t Share Vape Devices

Lots of people share their vapes with their family and friends to enable them to attempt the tasty ejuice they’re vaping on. However, with COVID-19 running widespread, now is not the moment to be sharing. Unless it’s your significant other with whom you cope with, it’s not a great idea to share your vape device with anyone.


Because COVID-19 is transmitted from one person to another, keep your vape device to yourself to lower your threat. Likewise, do not go vaping on someone else’s device. Sticking to this tip is among the very best manner ins which vapers can minimize their threat.

Avoid Touching the Drip Tip/Mouthpiece

If you’re out as well as regarding and you need to vape, the last thing you want to do is touch the drip pointer or mouthpiece of your device. That’s going to go in your mouth! Best method is to touch just the body of your device, ideally a part of your vape mod or husk device that is as far away from the drip tip/mouthpiece as feasible.


But even if you’re extremely cautious and you just touch or hold your device’s body while you’re out and also around, the framework could be nurturing germs. Which brings us to our next suggestion.

Laundry your Hands Prior To Touching Your Vapes

Washing your hands on a regular basis is a fantastic suggestion whether you vape or otherwise. Yet if you’ve gone out in public or touched with other people, it’s suggested that you clean your hands before touching your vaping devices. You don’t wish to touch your device, clean your hands, and then choose your device back up once more. This will pollute your hands around once again and also negate the hand washing that you just did.


However if you’re out as well as about in public as well as you’re simply itching to vape, see to it you follow our next pointer.
Wash your Hands

Clean your Vape Devices with Rubbing Alcohol

Keep your vaporizer clean. The easiest way to clean a vaporizer is to simply use warm water and a slightly abrasive (such as a Q-tip) to wipe off the exterior. Do not use anything with a strong chemical odor, as this can possibly transmit the disease. If you notice any build up of bacteria, wipe it off immediately. You can also run a solution of water and vinegar through the heating element to eliminate any build up.


Make sure you wash your hands prior to cleansing your vape! Use a cotton sphere and also some isopropyl alcohol to clean down your devices, including the mouthpiece or drip tip. Enable time for the alcohol to vaporize and also you prepare to safely vape again.


How to Vaping Safely during Coronavirus-Vaping Tips (2)

Avoid Buying Second-Hand from Exchanges/Forums

This should go without saying; now is not the time to get a sweet deal by purchasing second-hand vaping products. Avoid purchasing used vapes from shops.


While it’s true that most people will clean and disinfect their vapes before selling them, it’s a good idea not to take any chances. For now, stick to purchasing new products only from reputable online vape stores.

Don’t Leave Your Device Out Around Others

If you have to be around other people, for instance when you’re at work, it’s best not to leave your device out in the open. The reason for this is that germs could be in the air and end up on your device. If you use it afterwards, there’s a chance you can get sick.


Keep your vaping devices in your pocket or bag whenever you’re not using them. If it’s a bag you’re storing the device in, make sure it’s closed.

Stay Safe!

We hope that our list of tips for vaping safely during the coronavirus outbreak has helped you out! If you found this list of tips to be informative, we ask that you share it with other friends and family members who vape so that they can stay safe as well.


Stay safe, social distance, and vape on!

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