Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Kit Review

The vape industry provides a variety of devices to use, including beginner and advanced models. Lost Vape Centaurus BF kit carries a squonk mod and an RDA, providing powerful performance, versatility, and flavorful, huge clouds. Below is a review covering various aspects of the product to help make an informed purchasing decision.

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Lost Vape Centaurus Quest Kit

Review Score
  • Has an attractive, slim design
  • Leak-proof, well-made, and high-quality
  • Simple to utilize and refill
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • Available in several appearances
  • Provides a large e-liquid capacity
  • Easy to put together and use
  • Usable with different battery types
  • Batteries are not included

Package Includes:

1 x Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Box Mod

1 x Lost Vape Centaurus SOLO RDA

1 x Spare Drip Tip

1 x Spare Parts Bag

1 x 9.5ml Liquid Bottle

1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x WarmantyCard


  • Chipset: Quest 2.0chip

  • Power Range: 5-100W

  • Eliquid Capacity: 9.5ml

  • Battery: 21700/20700/18650 Single Battery (Not Included)

  • Coil Resistance Supported: 0.1ohm-5.0ohm

  • Output Voltage: 0.7V-8.0V

  • Battery Voltage: 3.0V-4.2V

  • Input Current: 1A-35A

  • Temperature Range: 200F-600F(100C-315C)

  • Screen Pixel: 0.96 inches 80*160

  • Body Material: Zinc-Alloy

Design and Build Quality

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The Lost Vape Centaurus Bf Kit is a powerful device that offers flexibility and great flavors. Inside the package, you get one box mod, a Centaurus Solo RDA, 1 spare drip tip, a spare bag, one 9.5ml e-liquid bottle, one 18650 battery adaptor, a type C cable, one warranty card, and a user’s manual to get you started. The kit comes in different exterior shades to choose from, including black, gunmetal, and stainless steel.


The leather and carbon fiber body design provides a proper grip when vaping to prevent drops and foster ease of use. The textured area feels great in the hands, enhances comfort, and prevents the mod from slipping in your palms. The device is also high-quality, compact, and features a luxurious look that makes it stand out from other vape gadgets. It is high-end and suitable for experienced users and novices to mod vaping.


The squonk mod is leak-proof to ensure mess-free vaping, as the components fit together perfectly. It provides rich flavors and huge puffs for enriched vaping experiences. You get to vape your favorite e-juice and treat yourself to thrilling clouds and flavorful, strong hits.


Nonetheless, the mod’s body is made of zinc alloy material, which promotes durability. Vape mods are a considerable investment, and you do not want to spend money on low-quality models. However, the caps on the battery compartment and refill area come off easily, fostering user-friendliness. You do not have to use much effort to take them off or put them back in place.

Features and Functions

The vape kit carries the Centaurus Quest Squonk BF and a Centaurus Solo RDA. The parts fit together seamlessly to provide superior vaping experiences. The mod has a 9.5ml capacity, and the manufacturer provides a liquid storage bottle with a similar capacity. The squonk bottle ensures easy RDA vaping, while the storage bottle allows you to vape using other atomizers. Besides, you do not have to carry e-juice separately wherever you go. The mod runs on a 21700 battery, but you can also use 18650 and 20700 batteries.


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Lost Vape Quest Squonk mod features a 510 connector, a full-color TFT screen, and fire, up, down, and select buttons. It carries a squonk bottle, and you can use the compartment to carry an e-liquid storage bottle, a feature that supports convenience and comfort. The screen displays your vape data, such as wattage and vaping modes. However, the mod has a refill cap at the bottom and a battery screw cap that fosters quick battery change.


To add e-liquid, unscrew the refill cap at the bottom, replenish your e-juice, and twist the cap back in place. There is also a type C port at the bottom of the mod for quick charging, a feature that makes this mod a modern piece. It also has a full-color TFT screen that shows vape data. Use the select button to change vaping modes and try out new vaping techniques.


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On the other hand, the Centaurus RDA is a sleek, easy-to utilize component. It has a drip trip and an adjustable airflow system that ensures you get flavorful vapor and huge clouds. The dual airflow feature ensures that air reaches the whole RDA for efficiency and impressive flavors and clouds. The RDA works with the box mod to give you smooth hits for improved vaping sessions. Install the RDA on the squonk mod using the alternative pin, feed e-juice through the 510 connectors, squeeze the bottle and wait for the wicks to saturate, and get to enjoy each puff.


Changing the squonk and e-liquid storage bottle is simple. Hold the mod and slide down the squonk or e-liquid bottle. Align to match the right side of the liquid or squonk bottle. Push it back and lock the bottle in place, and you are good to go. This innovative feature allows you to have all your vaping accessories in one tool. That way, you do not have to worry about forgetting your e-juice on the table or carrying vape items separately.


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Centaurus Quest Squonk BF has the Quest 2.0 chip responsible for its efficient functioning. The chipset is accurate and ensures the kit’s flexibility, solid performance, huge clouds, and safety measures. You get to vape using five different modes wattage, bypass, voltage VPC, and temperature control, and the data is displayed on the TFT screen. You can change from one mode to another using the select button and utilize the up and down buttons to customize your vaping experiences.


Apart from being a squonk mod, you can use the device with other atomizers for a change. With the 9.5ml squonk bottle, you have enough e-liquid to last you a while before another refill. Besides, the capacity is much more than what some brands offer, which lowers refill frequency. The device supports a resistance of 0.1-5.0 ohms, and the temperature range is 200-600℉ (100-315℃). However, the power output on this gadget is 5-100watts. With such flexibility, you get to vape at different settings and try out new options for better, exciting vaping experiences.


The Lost Vape Centaurus Quest is an innovative vape product to consider using. It is usable with an RDA and other atomizers and comes with a liquid storage bottle. You can vape using different batteries, which are not included in the pack, though. The e-liquid capacity is large, and you can get the device in different appearances to match your preference.

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