OXVA Arbiter 2 Dual Coil RTA Review

Oxva Arbiter 2 RTA

Oxva Arbiter 2 RTA

Review Score
  • top-to-bottom fanned airflow
  •  postless build deck
  • 100% Leakproof 
  • Un.detachable Airflow Chamber
  • intake noise

The last thing any vaper wants is a leak in their tank. It’s messy, makes it harder to open up the tank, and worst of all: It’s a waste of juice. I wanted something that would prevent unnecessary waste without sacrificing quality or style. The top airflow design of the OXVA Arbiter v2 RTA is the perfect solution to this problem. Though more complex, it creates a virtually leak-free tank.

Package Includes:

1 x Arbiter 2 RTA
1 x Straight Glass
2 x Accessory Bag
1 x User Manual


  • 100% Leakproof
  • Top-to-Bottom Airflow Design
  • Fanned Airflow Structure
  • Dual/Single Coil
  • 5ml Capacity
  • 810/510 Replaceable Drip Tip

Design and Build Quality

Oxva Arbiter 2 RTA

Available in five different colors, stainless steel, black, golden gunmetal, or rainbow, the OXVA Arbiter v2 RTA is sure to fit any personal taste. It is built with a postless deck with four anchor points to allow for either single- or dual-coil construction.


The drip tip on the OXVA Arbiter V2 RTA is nice, long, and comfortable, but it can be exchanged for a different one. Or, you may choose to use a 510 adapter and place a 510 drip on instead. However, be aware that the drip tip surround is up just past the top cap, meaning that an 810 that is bigger than the stock one may hang over.


The top cap utilizes a bayonet fit and features a quarter turn. though short to accommodate the airflow at the top, it is easy to open. Inside are two large fill ports, shaped like kidneys. The ports are slanted for ease of use. Even if you accidentally get some liquid around the fill ports, it collects and drains into the tank to prevent waste.


As mentioned, the OXVA Arbiter v2 RTA utilizes a top-to-bottom airflow. To accommodate this, there are mirrored cyclops air inlets on either side, with a middle section to adjust it. As mentioned, this design makes it practically leakproof.


Inside the top, you will see the double-walled evaporation chamber with an outer wall to separate the liquid and deck, and an inner wall that allows airflow to be directed.

Build Deck & Wicking

The build deck of the OXVA Arbiter v2 RTA allows for more visibility, letting you see where airflow moves. It begins down the sides of the coil, at which point it moves into the fanned airflow. The result is the side airflow used in this tank.


If you were to check the holes, you would notice five holes for airflow on each side. The largest are in the center and the smallest sit near the ends of the coil. This allows airflow to hit the center of the coil while also spreading across the length. The bottom airflow allows air to come up right underneath the coils.


The wicks slide right into the coils, at which point, they can be trimmed and thinned out to fit nicely into the wick ports. Try to avoid any compression as you insert the wicks to prevent any dry hits. While the design build is overall quite sufficient, the wick ports do seem a tiny bit too small, especially if you want to use dual coils. However, thinning the wicks should fix this problem.


With wicks installed, prime the coils with liquid, assemble the build, fill it up, tighten the cap on, and enjoy!


Overall, both the dual and single coil builds run quite well with several different e-liquids. Of course, there is always a bit of a risk when you use a top to bottom airflow causing diffusion and noise, but the OXVA Arbiter v2 RTA doesn’t seem to suffer from these issues. While there is plenty of airflow, it is just restrictive enough to protect the quality of the cloud, and if you want it further restricted, you can do so simply as well.


The flavor is as impressive as the quiet configuration. With both single- and dual-coil configurations, it produces fantastic flavors, so long as the coils get enough e-liquid. Without it, you may get dry hits. If this happens, try to thin the wicks and give it another shot.


Between ease of use, great flavor, big clouds, and no leaking, this is an impressive RTA. If you are looking for a single coil that works well, the adjusted directed airflow the OXVA Arbiter v2 RTA provides will do the job. The result is an RTA that is likely to impress.

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