Are Ceramic Coils Safe? Precautions to Use

Ceramic coils are a type of ceramics like porcelain, and this makes them safe, as to vape ceramic coils makes good sense as it will last quite a while increasing their longevity. There are two types of ceramic coils, and they are:

  • Ceramic cylinder coil, encased in ceramic, allowing the ceramic coil to soak up the juice and feed it into the coil.
  • Metal ceramic coil, where the wire is coated in ceramic, this design uses a cotton wick to soak up the juice.

Are Ceramic Coils Safe

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To use vape ceramic coils is much safer than metal, as metal can leave an aftertaste, and also causes chemical changes to certain metal wires distorting the flavor of the vape, Because the ceramic is not sensitive to temperature changes, it will last longer and does not become brittle and break off. Ceramic is also porous allowing it to ‘uptake’ the vape juice, something that can’t be done using metal.


Modern ceramics are used in many applications, including dentistry, and it is tolerant to very high temperatures. Some manufactures are already including ceramic in their vape atomizers, however, it is unclear which type is being used but they do appear to be improving. The claim is that the ceramics withstand very high temperatures without any chemical emission, and last longer than other types.


Ceramic coils prevent the pooling of the juice, so you won’t inhale it. Ceramic will form better clouds. Ceramic is easier to clean just wipe it down, every couple of weeks change the wicking material.


You will also get faster juice consumption per puff, meaning that you will use more juice every vape session, so you may want to vape a bit less.


Some of the coils aren’t very well made and are poorly designed, and when you buy one you would need to be sure of the manufacturing quality and testing behind the product. If you choose to vape with ceramic coils you will get the following.

When You Vape Ceramic Coils

  • Cleaner clearer flavor
  • Dense clouds
  • Easy product to clean
  • Longer lasting coils

Precautions for the Use of Ceramic Coils

Some professionals remain skeptical about vaping, and state concerns about the potential material release in vapor. commissioning a third party to test it by analyzing emissions during vaping with a microporous ceramic coil. Interestingly, no particulate matter could be found.


A Chinese quality control company, carried out a visual inspection of the ceramic coils under a microscope, inspecting three different brands concluding a potential for hazardous emission. If the surface was broken hazardous material, too small to be seen by the human eye could be released. Vaporization during vaping could damage the porous ceramic material. It was then concluded that if this did occur it could lead to potential fibrosis/silicosis.

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Which Vape Ceramic Coils are Best?

The ceramic used in heating elements are a mixture of oxides. silicon lead, boron, titanium and magnesium, and either nickel cobalt and iron.


The ceramic is then fused to bond the wire and forms a glaze preventing further oxidation. This means the oxides are then trapped in the structure contributing to the electrical properties. This technique was registered in the 1960s and is still used today.


Ceramic is now used in all parts of kitchen applications, and it has changed a lot since the 1960s version. It now has excellent mechanical properties, and can even be transparent or opaque. More products are emerging all the time and it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


A ceramic coil is used to gain longevity and prevent oxidation. It may take longer to heat up than other coils, but once they heat up they retain the heat. Another reason to use them is you won’t get any dry hits, just pure vapor.


For your vape ceramic coils would appear to be safe, and if you are vaping nicotine you won’t need as much, and that can only be a good thing.


Vaping has become extremely popular, especially with people in their teens who have taken it up as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. As parents, we want to ensure that they are safe to vape, and ceramics look like the best course of action.

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