Uwell Kalmia Pod Kit Review – Perfect Airflow?

The vape market offers a variety of devices to consider using. As a beginner or an experienced vaper, brands provide different products to help soothe your body. The Uwell Kalmia Pod Kit is one of the vape gadgets you might come across. Below is a review of the product for details.

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Uwell Kalmia Pod Kit

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Package Includes:

1 x Kalmia Pod System
1 x 1.6mL Refillable Pod
1 x Type-C USB Cable
1 x User Manual


• Material: PATM0251, AL, PC+ABS, POK

• E-liquid Capacity: 1.6ml

• Battery Capacity: 400mAh

• Max Power: 13W

• Size: L:20 mm * W:10.8mm * H:109mm

• Refillable Pod Specification: FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 1.2ohm refillable pod









Design and Build Quality

The Uwell Pod Kit is a lovely vaping device that lets you vape in style. It is available in spectacular gradient shades, including innoc white, calm cyan, gentle pink, youthful green, serene blue, and mysti black. The gadget is lightweight, compact, and small to fit easily in your purse or pocket. You can carry it wherever you go ad enjoy your favorite e-juice or nicotine salt. The drip tip fits properly on a person’s lips to ensure vaping is a breeze for users.


The Uwell Kalmia kit has a smooth exterior and round corners that provide an excellent grip for comfortable vaping experiences. The manufacturer makes it using aluminum and ABS materials that foster durability. Besides, the device incorporates a refillable pod, a feature that prevents you from having to buy another vaping gadget altogether. It has a neat exterior with no screen or buttons. The design makes this product simple to use with no buttons to figure out. It also has a gorgeous flower-shaped LED indicator.


A pack of the Uwell Kalmia Pod Kit carries one Kalmia pod system, a spare Kalmia refillable pod, a type-C cable, and a user’s manual.


The Uwell Kalmia Kit comes with a 1.6ml pod. You get a spare pod that saves you extra costs and enhances convenience. You can continue vaping using the additional pod and have a good time. The pod capacity should last you a while before the next refill. Changing the pods is simple due to the magnetic connection. Easily remove and insert a pod and enjoy vaping. If you deplete your e-juice, you can replenish it from the side fill feature that has a silicone stopper.


The Uwell Kalmia Kit has an integrated 400mAh battery that provides lasting power for the pod. How long the charge lasts depends on how frequently you vape. Use the provided type-C charger to recharge the battery when it runs low and continue vaping uninterrupted. When you draw on the drip tip, the pod is activated, and the battery powers the device to give you satisfying vapor and flavor. The Type-C cable fosters user-friendliness, allowing you to charge the gadget from different sources.


The Uwell Kalmia kit is a draw-activated pod system that ensures easy usage. You do not have to press any buttons to utilize the kit or view a screen. This simple vaping device provides rich, flavorful vapor to give you wonderful vaping experiences. It has a sensor that detects your inhaling action and provides consistent vaping performance to ensure satisfaction.


It also includes a patented Pro-Focs technology that ensures you get the authentic flavor in every vaping session. The fact that the device is rechargeable and refillable gives users an easy time. You do not have to worry about the battery charge depleting. Simply use the provided cable to recharge. When you deplete your e-juice, refill the pod and continue vaping.


The pod is easy to operate and has a maximum output of 13 watts. It utilizes a 1.2-ohm mesh coil that heats e-juices faster, fostering efficiency for users. It also offers a stronger flavor to give you fulfilling vaping experiences. The spare pod comes with a 1.2-ohm mesh coil as well. The kit has a vibration alert feature, where the motor vibrates to signal low voltage, a charging pod, or pod insertion. This alert mechanism is simple to master and promotes the pod’s user-friendliness. For instance, when you plug in the charger, the pod vibrating means the device is charging.


The Uwell Kalmia Pod is an elegant, high-quality product to consider buying. It has a good e-liquid capacity and uses a mesh coil, which works better at heating e-juices. It is also available in various shades and offers steady vaping experiences. It is also easy to utilize and provides flavorful vapor.

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