Vaporesso LUXE XR Max Review – Airflow adjustment from MTL to DTL?

Having smooth vaping experiences starts with buying the right device. The market has a variety of vaping gadgets, simple and advanced, performing at different levels. Vaporesso LUXE XR Max is a powerful pod mod compatible with various coils, fostering versatility. It is simple to utilize and comes in multiple shades to match user preferences. Below is a Vaporesso LUXE XR Max review with vital details to know before purchase.

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Vaporesso LUXE XR Max

Review Score

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Package Includes:

1 x TYPE-C Cable
1 x User Manual & Warranty Card


• Dimensions: 106.5*32.1*26mm
• Pod Capacity: 5ml
• Battery Capacity: 2800mAh
• Output Power: 80W max
• Charging Current: DC 5V/2A. Type-C
• Smart touch buttons
• COREX Heating Tech, AXON Chip
• SSS Tech

Design and Build Quality

Vaporesso LUXE XR Max Review - vapenav (10)

Vaporesso LUXE XR Max is a powerful mod available in various exterior shades. The color choices include black, grey, red, silver, blue, white, and green. This vaping device is simple to use and features a slim design that fits well in the hand. It also fits easily in your pocket, so you can carry it wherever you go. No extra luggage, and you can vape your favorite e-liquid whenever you want. It is compact and usable in regular and smart modes, ensuring convenience for users.

The anti-leaking mod locks e-liquids inside properly, preventing leakage and ensuring mess-free vaping. The design also prevents the wastage of e-juice, saving you money in the end. The zinc alloy body is sturdy and durable, and the textured exterior ensures a proper grip that prevents slipping when vaping. The mod also has an OLED screen that displays the mode in use, wattage, and puff counter.

The smart touch buttons give the mod a trendy look and ensure easy operation. It does not have many buttons, a style that prevents confusion when using the device. The product also features adjustable airflow, giving vapers more customized experiences. You can enjoy DTL and RDL vaping at your own settings with adjustable airflow. To activate the mod, press the power button five times. Note that inhaling on the device does not activate it.

A pack of Vaporesso LUXE XR Max mod carries a 2800mAh battery, two pods, two coils, a type-C charger, a warranty card, and a user’s manual. The included battery saves on cost. It is powerful and rechargeable for seamless vaping experiences. The flexibility of the mod is impressive, and it has modern features like the charger and chip to provide an up-to-date product.


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A Vaporesso LUXE XR Max kit includes DTL and RDL pods with 5ml and 2ml capacities. DTL stands for direct-to-lung vaping, while RDL is restrictive direct lung drawing which entails limiting airflow. Fill the pod with e-juice through the fill hole on the side and wait for the cotton wool to absorb the liquid properly.

?Assemble the mod and start vaping to enjoy the superior performance this mod offers. Whether you prefer DTL or RDL vaping, this gadget has you covered. It is simple to put together, fill, and vape. Use the provided coils to get tasty flavors and satisfactory clouds.


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Vaporesso includes an internal 2800mAh battery in the LUXE XR Max mod. That is a powerful energy, providing users with thrilling vaping experiences. You can vape at different wattages, which are easy to adjust. The wattage in use can be seen on the LED screen. With a fully charged battery, you can vape all day without worrying about low power.

The manufacturer also includes a type-c charger in the package, enhancing the product’s modern design. You can charge the battery and enjoy flavorful clouds and superior performance. The more powerful battery also provides longer life than other mods in the same category, giving users enhanced experiences.


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Vaporesso LUXE XR Max Mod is a powerful device with adjustable performance features. It is well-made and offers tasteful clouds. You can vape using MTL or RDL modes and savor the rich flavor. The mod comes with 0.2-ohm and 0.4-ohm GTX coils and is compatible with other coils, allowing customized experiences for users. It utilizes an Axon chip that supports its smart functions for improved vaping sessions. It also incorporates Corex heating technology that enhances the mod’s performance.

You can vape using up to 80 watts, with the lowest wattage being 5 watts. The wattage is also adjustable, fostering flexibility. You can see the watts in use on the LED screen, which can be switched off. When using the smart mode, the LUXE XR Max mod can recognize the coil in use and

recommend the wattage to utilize. The technology can also limit the wattage to ensure no burnt taste.

No one wants the taste of burnt flavor when vaping. A mod that can prevent it is worth trying. You can also use the device in regular mode and

operate it manually if you prefer vaping that way.

The fluffier cotton and mesh structure used in the mod ensures even heating and quicker e-liquid delivery, aspects that boost vaporization for consistent flavor. The cotton and mesh design also improves the coil lifespan, allowing more vaping experiences using the same coil. You want a vape device that delivers uniform flavor and lasts longer to give you value for your money. Vaporesso offers that in its LUXE XR Max model.


Vaporesso Luxe XR Max mod is a vaping gadget to consider using. It is easy to use and features a modern, slim design that looks stunning. It fits nicely in the hand and has an excellent grip to prevent accidental drops. The device has a chip and heating technology that provide flavorful clouds and top performance.

The LED screen shows the wattage in use and other vaping details, while the powerful 2800mAh battery provides adequate power for vaping throughout the day. The mod comes with a type-C charger, has smart touch buttons, and the smart mode can detect the coil installed and adjust accordingly. You can use the device for direct-to-lung or restrictive direct-lung vaping. It is compatible with different coils and has adjustable airflow for customized vaping.

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